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New measures to prohibit the export, supply and delivery, and making a joiner Stirling available to, or for use in, Russia of a range of goods, as well as the provision of related ancillary services.

This includes a range of goods that Russia has been found using on the battlefield. Joiner Stirling Scotland

Schedules in the Regulations where newly scheduled items have been added are:

Joiner Stirling
  • 2A (critical-industry goods and critical-industry technology)
  • 2E (quantum computing and advanced materials goods and Joiner Stirling technology)
  • 3C (defence and security goods and defence and security technology)
  • 3E (G7 dependency and further goods) and 3I (Russia’s vulnerable goods)

Appropriate licences can continue to be sought for prohibited activity.

Joiner Stirling

You can get information on:

  • the commodity codes (reference numbers) you need to classify goods for import and export declarations
  • paying the right VAT and duties for your goods
  • which licences and certificates you’ll need for your goods
  • how to get goods into a specific country

You’ll need to know the approximate date when the goods will arrive at or leave the UK border.

The UK will join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a vast free trade area of 11 countries spanning the Indo-Pacific, the Prime Minister has announced today [Friday 31March]. Joiner Stirling.

The bloc is home to more 500 million people and will be worth 15% of global GDP once the UK joins. It is estimated that joining will boost the UK economy by £1.8 billion in the long run, with wages also forecast to rise by £800 million compared to 2019 levels.

Being part of CPTPP will support jobs and economic growth across the country, with every nation and region expected to benefit. More than 99 percent of UK goods exports to CPTPP countries will now be eligible for zero tariffs, including key UK exports such as cheese, cars, chocolate, machinery, gin and whisky.

The historic agreement follows two years of intense negotiations by the Department for Business and Trade and puts the UK at the heart of a dynamic group of economies, as the first European member and first new member since CPTPP was created. We would not have been able to join as a member of the EU, demonstrating how the UK is seizing the opportunities of our new post-Brexit trade freedoms to drive jobs and growth across the country.

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